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A president whose arrogant demeanor towards the coronavirus pandemic—defying mask mandates, scoffing at his mask-clad opponent, and even disputing his own public health advisers—has backfired.

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I woke up early in the morning to the stream of notifications bombarding my phone, reading: “Trump, First Lady Tested Positive For The Coronavirus”. A wave of emotions nudged my brain as if I haven’t been fully aroused from my inconceivable dreams.

Yep. Just as we thought things can’t get more messed up than this—following a distasteful presidential debate filled with interruptions and contempt—COVID-19 once again capped our news coverage.

Indeed, this is no misinformation: the President of the United States has fallen ill to a potentially lethal virus, one which he claimed to be “just like the flu”. …

Market-liberals, and many to the right, seem to offer an immaculate solution on combating climate change—placing economic growth as our paramount goal in our agenda for a greener world. Here’s why they’re wrong.

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The world is encountering a crucial crossroad between economic growth and environmental sustainability. Opinions divide under this critical time: a spectrum of beliefs ranging from market-liberals — advocating for economic growth as a step to appease climate crises — and social greens — viewing the current state of our world as in jeopardy and sees progressive actions as necessary — both with their compelling evidence and reasonings.

However, after analyzing the situation, there is no doubt that unlimited economic growth is ultimately an unrealistic fantasy from old, rich, and apathetic politicians that will come at the expense of our planet. …

How a once-proudly touted governmental agency came to what it is today, and what it may tell us about its path moving forward.

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Established by Pres. Richard Nixon in 1970, the Environmental Protection Agency marked a milestone in the exhaustive and seemingly ceaseless combat against greenhouse gas emissions. Forged by coalescing several pollution control programs under other departments, the independent executive agency holds the ultimate objective of “creating a better world”, as many policy makers put it. At a time of an inflow of unilateral and often bewildering policies among individual states, the EPA unified such efforts and installed a body to organize limitations at a federal level. In fact, the EPA was one of the first initiatives taken by the government to address the increasingly disturbing threat of excessive pollution — as concerns regarding the environment spiked in the wake of natural disasters — and to curb corporations’ detrimental practices while providing insightful data for the general public. …

What having a Resting Bitch Face (RBF)—as a boy—taught me as a person.

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If I were to recall every instance someone comes up to me and goes, “Are you all right?” I would, for sure, have gone nuts by then. Spanning across my young adolescence — whether with intimate friends or strangers, at home or a rowdy mall — this repeated call echoed from one voice to another, thrusting me from my wildest reveries and distressing qualms.

“Of course I am,” I could not help but dismiss their calls with a laugh, masking my daze. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, you just look a little mad.” They’d reply.

For long, people have caught me “mad” even when at that very instance, I may well be mulling over early morning glows, fervent soccer matches, or the nostalgic good old days of my younger self. …

What a year. Ignorance. Murkiness. Ego. Conscience. Conspicuous lack of decorum. Gleams of hope in a haunting tunnel devoid of an end—all laid bare by 365 of thoroughly unimaginable days.

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2020 has been quite a ride—one perhaps none of us would never want to get back to nor reminisce about. However, even amid the most desperate times, it’s crucial for us to not only mourn the loss and unleash our grief but also to recognize the rays of sunshine shed at us in such unutterable plight.

Today’s the final day of 2020, for we come together—virtually, in the imagination of a lost family member, or those who are lucky enough to meet in-person albeit still being a sparse luxury—to reflect on a year ravelled by turmoil and wish for 2021 that presents nothing like its predecessor. …

Some people hate working out—the sultry sweats, an occupation of time, and generally, the mere prerequisite to step out of your comfort zone—while others see it as an essential part of a regular day. I find myself in the latter.

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Working out can be a burden at times, especially when you’re preoccupied with loads of work where you just don’t seem to find any time for a 3k run or so—it’s totally understandable and so many people have experienced this in their life.

Yet, after forcing myself to exercise at least two hours—5k of running and a pack of HIIT workouts—per day for the past year or so, I have come to a reckoning of not only the physical impact it had on me, but also the mentality shift in my psychological sphere. …

At times, we grapple with our own emotions and end up mulling over the nuances of life—those instances of ineffable charm.

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Thou caught that?

I did.

How can not thee —

Succumb to her.

Her fear-ridden claws clutch me onto,

Amid the glaring night

Snitching my deepest secrets,

Followed by a wallop

Right in the ear.

Gut-wracking walks I take,

She saunters along.

Letting out ashes of wisdom,

A gentle breeze brushes my heart

Whilst I

Muse under thy luscious

Azure hue,

In the wake of a blossomed dusk.

She chants me “loser,”

As I dip my head into hers

In an attempt to…

This thanksgiving, let us begin our salvage together, by first extending our words of “Thank you for everything you do. We are in this together.”

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I was sitting by my desk, about to begin my afternoon read when my normally dormant cellphone delivered a quiver of ringtones. Out of curiosity and an urge to stay connected, I picked it up only to be struck by another news that plunged the soccer world into wail.

“Argentinian legend, Diego Maradona, passed away after a reported heart attack.” One read.

“Soccer world mourns a true giant.” Another comes.

Messages began swarming in. In the blink of an eye, my Instagram feed was inundated with images of black-and-white, in the depiction of the Argentinian hero. …

The reversal of an era of indifference marks the conclusion of a period filled with aberrations against shattered international norms.

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“Expelled Minors Sent To Mexico Instead Of Home.” One New York Times front-page article read.

This was yet another revelation of the relentless means the Trump administration enacted in dispelling border-crossing efforts at the southern border—and, really, an epitome of his entire foreign policy agenda: isolationist and merciless.

As Joe Biden, the president-elect of the United States, begins his transition process, the long-chaotic world forecasts what the world order may come to be following four years of Trump.

Donald Trump’s four-year tenure had the world tailoring its order towards an antithesis of the sweeping liberal wave following the second world war and when America ascended to the top of the international realm—him trifling with infamous autocrats, sowing animosity towards stalwart allies, and unilaterally recoiling from multilateral commitments whilst casting multinational organizations as burdensome and in conflict with American interests have best shown his stark indifference on customary approaches. …

Decency against tyranny, integrity after ego, science over heresy, justice vs. deception, wisdom takes on agitation, the choice is clear. And it’s time to dump the orange demagogue.

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Scathing from the past more than three years of his presidency, Donald Trump’s mere presence poses an imminent coercion to the fundamentals of rationality. November 3rd is the chance to extinguish it; or not.

Donald Trump—or as he likes to tout himself, one of the best presidents in history of the country—poses an existential threat to even the most basic forms of decency still enduring in this world.

He repeatedly expressed disdain towards science, boasted his verbal assaults at women, dismissed the dire calamity of climate change as a “hoax”, evaded taxes, undermined the long-cherished democracy, left millions of people vulnerable to a rampant virus as he holds his demagogic rallies. …

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